Did you know

that most household appliances still consume power

when turned off?

The energy transition, sustainable energy and green energy are terms coined in discussions about how we have to change our energy production in order to tackle climate change. It has become clear that we can not keep burning fossil fuels to still our thirst for power. Hence, many square kilometres of land are being covered with solar panels and wind turbines to harness the energy of the sun and wind. Energy sources we won’t run out off.

Though, our thirst is strong and many more sources of renewable energy are needed before we can stop drinking oil. Most of us have placed their faith in technology to provide new solutions for this problem. However, few realise that technology is the cause of climate change in the first place. In the development of our tech we made some bad choices concerning the production and maintenance of technologies. For instance, when they break they can not be repaired and must be replaced, which is a waste of resources. Or, they consume quite a lot of energy even when turned off… I.e. technology has dramatically increased our thirst for energy. Instead of trying to still our thirst with renewable sources, wouldn’t it be better to become less thirsty in the first place?

Studio Synergy’s new work un-plugged is all about this thirst for power. Over the years, devices have become more efficient and consume less energy in operation or in standby mode. But, their standby power consumption is still not zero and more and more devices enter the market that can not be switched off completely. Thus, to save energy and become less power thirsty, let us switch these devices truly off! Let us all contribute to “the energy transition” by consuming less. Especially less energy, because this is actually rather simple and un-plugged is going to show you how. Stay tuned!

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