A beautiful magical box,
A vault of sparkling memories,
A companion in times of need,
A way to make modern communication more human again.

Speechless is a concept design aimed at reducing loneliness.
Written communication, like e-mail, text messages, etc., is our main form of communication nowadays. Those that experience difficulties operating devices designed to partake in these communication forms are easily left behind. As well as those people that have difficulties with reading and writing. They might become secluded and start to experience emotions of loneliness when they can not use mainstream communication channels. Speechless is designed for an inclusive society where no-one is left behind.

With Speechless, Studio Synergy re-introduces the most primitive form of communication known to mankind: speech. One’s voice is the most primitive and the most advanced form of communication at the same time. Where one can only convey content using written forms of communication, speech can convey emotions and deeper meanings of that content. Additionally, almost everybody can use their voice to communicate, making it the world’s most user-friendly communication method.

Hence, Speechless, a beautiful box of memories that can be used to send and receive voice messages. Just open its lid, say who you want to enrich with your voice message and say what you want to say. Once you finished your message and closed Speechless’ lid, the other one’s Speechless will gently start emitting light from under its lid. So, notifying the receiver in a nonintrusive manner a voice message was received. To hear it, just open Speechless and listen.

The beauty of Speechless is that all received voice messages can be saved for later playback. Thus, it can be used to collect precious memories. Whenever one is feeling lonely or wants to revive an old faded memory, touch either of its sides, open its lid and listen to a previously saved voice message. In doing so, embrace the warmth a voice message can carry, re-experience the joy sincere attention can bring and let your breath be taken leaving you Speechless…

A postcard from postsecret.com
A postcard from postsecret.com addressing the power of speech