Intellectual or creative giftedness is a complex and poorly understood phenomenon that is often met with negative prejudices. Even though about 6.5% of the population is (intellectually or creatively) gifted, there is no clear definition on what it entails. Mainly, because giftedness expresses itself differently from person to person and is perceived in various ways by a gifted person’s surrounding.

Together with the Radboud Centre of Social Sciences, Leon Houben is developing a new metaphor of giftedness through combining the complex world of quantum mechanics with the psychology of human awareness. This “Quantum Metaphor of Giftedness” (QMoG) is not based on common seen qualities addressed to giftedness, but approaches the concept by describing different ways of thinking. In this manner, the metaphor explains the occurrence of specific qualities and pitfalls often experienced by gifted children and young adults. This results in a better understanding about how giftedness expresses itself in an individual and can be polished to attain one’s full potential.

To achieve a more wide spread understanding of the phenomenon of giftedness, Leon made a simple and appealing concept visualisation of the QMoG. This visualisation makes the explanation of the metaphor very easy, so it can be understood by everyone. It also aids our own understanding of the metaphor and grasp what conclusions can be drawn from it.

Even though the QMoG has yet to be backed by scientific evidence, it is gaining popularity among the gifted. Mainly because the concept visualisation provides them with a useful tool to deal with the daily hurdles they experience.