Immediate action is needed to constrain the tangible effects of climate change. The problem is too large to ignore, but yet we do nothing. Until NOW! For all climate-conscious individuals: take a stance against this inactivity by doing nothing. Just sit down on the Peltchair, produce energy with your body heat and become part of the solution!
Finished Peltchair by Studio Synergy & Lilian van Daal

The Peltchair’s power

The Peltchair is a chair that generates electricity with the body heat of its occupant. Electricity which is used to organically illuminate the chair, giving it a lively impression whilst being constructed from mere an-organic materials. These materials, copper and aluminium, are cast in a nature inspired structure that contributes to the Peltchair’s intrinsic beauty and function.

Once you take a seat on the Peltchair, you start to warm its seating. Warmth that will flow through the chair to its base, whose shape makes it a heat sink, dissipating your body heat to the surrounding air. A steady stream of heat will now flow through the Peltchair and is transformed into electricity. This electricity makes the chair gently light up giving it the feeling of being alive.

The Peltchair will glow more vividly, depending on how much electricity you produce. The production of which depends on the heat flow through the chair, which, on its turn, depends on the temperature difference between your body and the surrounding air. The greater this difference, the greater the flow, the brighter the Peltchair will glow. The best thing about this power production is that you do not have to do anything! You only have to sit down and relax.

Surface treated columns Peltchair by AM Solutions
Close-up of the structure of the Peltchair

Powering the world of the future

Thus, if you want to do your part in tackling the climate crisis, take a seated stance against our slow transition towards renewable energy sources and become your own power plant with the Peltchair. Start powering the future with body heat! But, do it quickly…

The power production of the Peltchair depends strongly on the temperature difference between that of your body and the surrounding air. If you are healthy your body temperature will be a nice and constant 37 degrees Celsius. The air temperature is, however, on the rise. Due to climate change the average temperature on Earth is increasing and once the thermometer hits 37 degrees Celsius, the Peltchair will glow no more.

Over time, the Peltchair’s glow will fade as if life is slowly sucked out of it. A remembrance of our failure to successfully combat climate change and preserve life here on Earth. Therefore, let us sit down on the Pelthair now to reflect on how we can truly contribute to solving this crisis. And let’s hope that its temporary glow will help ignite a luminous idea. 💡

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