We turned a blind eye to the changes in nature.
Changes accelerated by our global inactivity to respond adequately.
Climate change now threatens our existence…

So what will you do?!? Exactly! You sit down on the Peltchair and relax.

Finished Peltchair by Studio Synergy & Lilian van Daal

Okay, maybe you sit down a bit stressed, but that is a good thing! Stress can elevate your body temperature, allowing you to produce more power that makes you part of the climate change solution. Since, the Peltchair is a chair that generates electricity with the body heat of its occupant. Electricity created by burning sandwiches with cheese instead of fossil fuel!

In the chair, the electricity you generate is used to gently light it up. How bright it will shine depends on the temperature difference between your body and that of the surrounding air. A difference that makes heat flow through the chair, which is than converted into an electrical current. Thus, the greater the temperature difference, the greater the heat flow, the brighter the Peltchair will glow.

This temperature dependence of the Peltchair’s glow makes occupants aware of the direction in which climate change evolves over time. A person’s body heat does not stray far from 37°C, but the average temperature on Earth rises due to climate change. The further this average temperature crawls up towards that of our body, the less energy the Peltchair produces and the fainter its glow. Let us ensure it will never stop glowing…

The Peltchair’s power

Strictly speaking, the Peltchair does not produce power, but transforms the radiated heat of its occupant into a useable energy form: electricity. I.e. the Peltchair’s power source is its occupant’s bottom. The seat captures as much body heat as possible, which is than directed through the chair and dissipated to the surrounding air by the organically designed open body.

Through the careful construction of the chair it is possible to guarantee a constant flow of heat through the chair, even with a very small temperature difference across the seat and the chair’s body. This heat flow is transformed into an electrical current utilising the thermoelectric effect. A physical phenomenon that describes the conversion of a flow of heat into a current on the boundary of two well chosen metals and vice versa.

Amateur astronomers often use the thermoelectric effect to cool down CCD cameras without any moving parts. This prevents the introduction of any vibrations that hinder the astronomical observation. Having a background in astronomy, Studio Synergy is well known with this technology and conceptualised the Peltchair.

Surface treated columns Peltchair by AM Solutions
Close-up of the structure of the Peltchair

To power the world of the future

If we want to put a halt to climate change, we need radical interventions in how we conduct our daily lives. Though, so far we have been unable to do so. So what if we can turn this inactivity into something positive? Into something that aids the energy transition towards renewable energy sources? Enter the Peltchair!

This innovation shows that you can use small bodies of heat to effectively produce electricity with the thermoelectric effect. Small bodies of heat are abundantly available in the form of waste heat. Thus, the potential applications of this technology are huge. On a local scale these could power the world of the future.

With the Peltchair we invite all to sit down and reflect on what else is possible. To think outside the box and contribute to a more sustainable future. While sitting you share your warmth with the chair that then gently starts to glow. A beacon of hope set alight, which might help you to ignite a luminous idea. 💡

For more information: peltchair.com

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