Whenever it is said that a company, (scientific) research or art(ist) has made an impact, what is most often meant is that something positive has been achieved. In other words, in such cases impact is defined as follows.

Impact – to do something that positively influences people without being harmful to others

Thus one can make an impact in a lot of varying ways! For instance, through the development of technologies to decarbonise our atmosphere, remove plastic waste from our oceans or make our cities more heat-resistant. One can make an impact by reducing the debt of a country, a city or a company. Impact can be made with the discovery of new cures for diseases, ways to make food more healthy and our technologies more renewable. An impact can even be made with the simple gesture of giving some of your change to a homeless person. All these acts make people happy and would put a smile on their faces.

But did you know there is yet another way to make an impact according to the definition above? A method that is not that well known and often neglected? A practice that can easily double the impact you make! No? Well, here it is:

By sharing the impact you make with the general public, i.e. through proper impact communication, you can excite and inspire them to do the same. When you can get them to support your causes, your influence will spread like an oil stain on a water surface. Hereby increasing the total impact you make. The best thing about increasing your impact in such a manner, is that you do not have to do anything for it! It is your audience, once inspired, that helps you achieve your goals. They might be more happy to buy your products or services, because they now aspire to become a similar good example. Or help you because they are less resistant to change.

But there ís a catch, you will only inspire people through proper impact communication. Through reaching out to them in an appealing, relatable and understandable manner. Especially, when you create impact with complex methodologies, technologies or research, this can be difficult to accomplish. Luckily, Studio Synergy is here to support you with this!

Studio Synergy is specialised in delving through the fuzzy facts and excavate the core values of your idea, research or concept. These core values are the content (the science) of your creation. We then identify what impact you want to make with them (the art). This is done in order to shape the most beautiful synergy between art and science that can be used to explain your creation’s core values to the general public. Because we firmly believe in the notion of “learning by doing”, we will always strive to provide you with a solution to interactively engage with the public. A solution that creates an experience and evokes emotions among participants. Solutions that warp your audience’s fifth dimension of perception.

Do you feel you could use a hand with engaging in public outreach? Are you in need of an easy explanation explaining the great things you do? Or do you want to motivate the public to support your goals with appealing, relatable and understandable impact communication? Go to our contact page and ask for Studio Synergy’s assistance! We are always happy to help and think along, so we can make people more appreciative of the world around them, together.

Public Lectures

Did you know Studio Synergy can also be asked to give public lectures? Our founder, Leon Houben, is always eager to talk about his scientific background in physics and astronomy. No matter the subject or audience, he will make sure that they keep a sense of wonder about the beauty of the cosmos in the days after his interactive lecture. Get in touch and ask about the possibilities for your venue!

Past Public Lectures by Studio Synergy

Date Lecture Location
06-10-2019Luisteren naar LichtDiscovery Museum, Kerkrade
16-11-2019Sounds of Interstellar SpaceSterrenwacht Halley, Vinkel
21-12-2019Luisteren naar LichtDiscovery Museum, Kerkrade
22-12-2019Luisteren naar LichtDiscovery Museum, Kerkrade
19-06-2021SterrenstofHortus Foundation, Nijmegen
14-10-2021Burst the (filter) bubble!Rozet, Arnhem
24-10-2021Het water op AardeSchemerlicht Festival, Nijmegen
30-10-2021Het water op AardeSchemerlicht Festival, Nijmegen
04-04-2022Mijn grote carrière switchPublieksacademie, Arnhem