Did you know that the black disk in the centre of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration image, here on the right, is NOT a physical black hole*, but an optical elusion? No? Well, you are not alone! The extreme relativistic physics involved is truly complex and scientist often struggle to explain it. Let alone, answering unexpectedly difficult questions like: what would you see, hear and feel when falling into a real black hole?

Enter Beyond Horizon, a synergy that accomplishes just that! It will take visitors onto a journey through space and time, through the different environments around a black hole and asking for the ultimate commitment: “do you dare to jump into the dark unknown?” Experience the intense gravity in a black hole and explore what it does to the fabric of space-time, to you…

Image of M87's black hole. Credits: EHT collaboration
Artist impression of a visitor of Beyond Horizon exploring what extreme gravity does to you.

Unlike real black holes, Beyond Horizon is not as rigid and can be transported to any location on spaceship Earth. Thus, if you are reading this as a festival/event organiser, science communicator or anyone with a venue that can use some spicing up? Contact us to discover how Beyond Horizon can compliment your event and make the unreachable available for all.

Just want to experience Beyond Horizon and learn something about black holes in the process? Great! Beyond Horizon is there for you! No boring lectures, no mind-boggling formulas or graphics that need years of studying to understand. No, just you, your senses and your guts.

Which leads us to our last question:
Are you brave enough to step inside Beyond Horizon and use all your senses to perceive a world even science does not comprehend?

Well then, stay tuned! Since this (almost) sacred experience is attracting funding to come your way!

Pssst? Still curious to what the black disk on the EHT image actually represents? Come and find out in Beyond Horizon!

Artist impression from the immersive installation Beyond Horizon.

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