Leon Houben

Astronomer, Innovator & Inspirator

Mankind knows óne perfect synergy, no not this art science studio (yet), but light! Light is both a particle and a wave at the same time, which results in light being able to do all kinds of amazing things.

As a radio astronomer, Leon is well aware of the wonders of light and finds joy in explaining them to others. During his master and PhD in astronomy he spent a lot of time bringing complex astrophysical research to the general public. He did this through public lectures, guest lectures at primary and high schools and by creating interactive tools to aid his explanations. Now, he wants to use this experience and go one step further with Studio Synergy.

With Studio Synergy he wants to bring art and science together to form his own synergies. Like light, these synergies will allow him to do marvellous things. They will empower people to better understand the wonders of nature. Inspire artists and scientists to get together and co-create a brighter future. They will pave the way to re-connect people with one-another and the planet.

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