Awareness Installations

In a world ever more divided and complex, the introduction of AI (artificial intelligence) has not made it easier to understand how our living environment functions. To aid the public in grasping difficult topics within science, technology and/or society, Studio Synergy therefore introduces its own AI: Awareness Installations!

We firmly believe that people best gain insights in complex topics when using all their senses. Thus, we turn narratives into full-sensory, inspiring and unexpected experiences. We do this by forging the disciplines of art and science together into awareness installations. The synergies that so arise deliver a shared experience to all who dare to explore them. A shared experience that acts as a starting point for connection and dialogue.

With the careful design of concepts, innovations and installations we present surprising perspectives to view addressed subjects. These make people better understand their surroundings and make them more aware about their interdependence and connectedness. In other words we use AI for what it is supposed to do: unify and simplify.

Are you looking for ways to explain a complex subject or technology to your audience? Or do you want to enlarge the audience that comes in contact with your story or specific subject at hand? Contact us to co-create theatrical awareness installations that do just that! We find innovative and provocative methods to get your audience engaged with your story. We design and develop concepts well beyond the beaten tracks that grasp the attention your stories deserves.

In case you would like to get some more in depth understanding about a difficult topic yourself: check out our mesmerizing public lectures! Book an already prepared lecture or request the preparation of a lecture about the topic of your choosing. Studio Synergy will enlighten your event with amazement about how our universe and everything within it works.

Some of our synergies

Peltchair by Studio Synergy & Lilian van Daal


Image of M87's Black Hole Credits: EHT collaboration



People typing a text message to send to Post-it Public



Artist impression of unplugged