A synergy between Art & Science

How we interpret the world around us is different from location to location and era to era. Advancements in culture (art) and knowledge (science) lay the basis for this changing interpretation. So, why not use science and art to steer the change in a particular direction?

Studio Synergy does this by warping the first four dimensions (the three dimensions of space and the forth of time) in new and creative ways to change the fifth: perception –to interpret using all the senses–. Creating interactive installations that question the way we interact with the world. Do we still perceive the world fully or have we impoverished our perception with a society focused on visuals? I.e., a society mainly using just one of our senses…

Hence, Studio Synergy’s installations provide the general public with full-sensory experiences about topics within science, technology and society. Experiences that open new possibilities for participants to learn, explore and marvel at the extraordinary world around them. We believe that people best gain insights in complex topics when they use all their senses. A method that might be better known as “learning by doing”. When people better understand their surroundings, they will be more aware about their interdependence and connectedness. More aware of their place within society and more grateful towards the natural world they live in.

Want to raise awareness, a sense of wonder and create impact?

Raising awareness about specific phenomena starts with changing people’s perception about them. Where scientists try to objectively study (natural) phenomena, artists study the effect of these phenomena on the emotions of humans. To change a participant’s perception, one thus needs to combine both of these fields of human endeavour in order to find the perfect blend between form and content that creates impact. An impact that changes perception, which on its turn raises awareness and a sense of wonder.

With a strong academic background and a great deal of experience within the creative world, Studio Synergy is well equipped to help you change the public’s perception about a topic of your choosing. Contact us to co-create theatrical interactive installations, think along to gain ideas well beyond the beaten tracks or organise mesmerizing public lectures. Definitely check out the studio’s own synergies and let them inspire you to encouraged scientists and artists to join forces. So, together they can create synergies that bring back a sense of wonder into the world.