Art & Science

How we interpret the world around us is different from location to location and era to era. Advancements in culture (art) and knowledge (science) lay the basis for this changing interpretation. So, why not use science and art to steer the change in a particular direction?

That is exactly what Studio Synergy does! We combine the disciplines of science and art to create synergies that have a societal impact. They question current interpretations, values and norms. They pack meaning in full-sensory experiences, which allow participants to explore complex topics within science, technology and/or society. Topics that arise from our own fascinations or from clients seeking innovative and provocative ways to share their stories. Our synergies take on the form of interactive installations, there for the general public to experience. In doing so, participants can learn, explore and marvel at the extraordinary world around them.

We design our synergies with the firm believe that people best gain insights in complex topics when using all their senses. A method that might be better known as “learning by doing”. When people better understand their surroundings, they will be more aware about their interdependence and connectedness. More aware of their place within society and more grateful towards the natural world they live in.

With a strong academic background and a great deal of experience within the creative world, Studio Synergy is well equipped to form the bridge between art and science. Nonetheless do we seek collaborations with experts in the fields covered by each new project. We do this to ensure our synergies to be the best blends between art and science to tackle the challenge at hand or spark the general public’s wonder about the topic addressed.

Contact us to co-create theatrical interactive installations or if you want an experienced partner to provide you with ideas well beyond the beaten tracks. Just want to get inspired by our work or a subject within astronomy? Check out our mesmerizing public lectures! Whatever you do, definitely take a look at our synergies to behold the beauty captured in collaborations between art and science.

Some of the studio’s synergies

Image of M87's Black Hole Credits: EHT collaboration



Artist impression of the Peltchair


Image of a smart phone submitting a text message to Post-it Public



Artist impression of unplugged